Pet Portrait Photography

Pet Portraits (Pawtraits):- Do you have a pet you adore? Are they a part of the family? Why not have a Pawtrait session with Stantography! It’s a wonderfully unique way to capture the personality of your animal companion.

Pet Portrait Gallery.

Types of shoots.

Here at Stantography, we aim to please. Have an idea in mind for your ideal shoot? Let us know! 

Sessions can take place either here at the studio, outdoors or at a location of your choosing. 

Studio Stantography

Have your pawtrait in a professional environment, Make your furry friend truly feel like part of the family, with the use of studio lighting and backdrops,


If you would like a more natural setting for some photos, shooting outdoors is the perfect solution! Either in a local park or one of the many fields that we are surrounded by.


Have somewhere in mind for that ideal backrop? We are able to shoot on location too! Whether it's in a house or on private land, we are more than happy to travel.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Absolutely! When you arrive at the studio, feel free to let them off their lead and let them have a wander around to feel more comfortable.  

Some treats, and a toy. They will be the key component to making your pet sit still to get that shot! also, some doggy bags just in case they have an accident. (Don’t worry, it happens!)

A Pet Portrait session will typically last around 45 minutes to one hour. It depends on the pet. But there isn’t a rush on time. It’s best for your pet to feel relaxed and safe. 

They will be sent via email with a link to download the images in high resolution. Easy! CD’s and USB’s available upon request at a cost.

Yes, that is not a problem at all. It may increase the time taken to do the shoot as well as the price.

Of course. Some pets will be very young and will be very hyperactive, not a problem. some pets may need some time to adjust to the studio environment. Some pets may a rescue, I will make sure they do not feel threatened in any way. Every pet is different and I will cater to those needs along with the owner where possible. If I am unable to photography them, a refund can be done.