Commercial Photography.

There is no better way to showcase your products, services and achievements online than with professional quality images. Visuals can often be the deciding factor, which is why Stantography strives for only the best images for your business. We want to help you impress not only new customers but also existing customers, colleagues and even the competition. We understand there are many ways to show visuals online and that they thrive with different styles, so let us know which platform, site or style you’re aiming for and we will be happy to help.

Commercial Photography gallery.

Where do we take photos?

Studio Stantography

Looking for a that professional look? A portrait session in the Studio will be ideal candidate! With the use of various lighting techniques, along with different lenses etc.. We can create some very unique images to represent you and what you do.


After a more natural look for your personal branding / acting portfolio? A shoot outdoors might be the key! The world is your backdrop, so to speak...

With a combination of cameras and lenses, we can get some outstanding
portraits for you.


Have a place in mind for your shoot? Want to have your place of work / business / empire in the background? Let's bring the equipment to you!

This way, we can capture the essence of your brand and yourself together.

Family Portraits
Capture memories of your family that will last a lifetime.
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Pet Photography
Pet paw-traits for dogs, cats or even goldfish!
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My candid style of photography is perfect for capturing your special day.
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Most frequent questions and answers

Sessions typically can last anywhere between one and two hours up to a full day. However, this is very dependent on the client. 

A typical session held at the studio last around 1/1:30hrs.

Of course! If you’re wanting a mixture of indoor and outdoor photos, just ask. I will be more than happy to help.

You will receive the images via email. This is the quickest and the most efficient way to get them to you! USB sticks are available upon request at an additional cost. Editing turnaround is typically 7 days. Sometimes they can be delivered sooner, at cost if they need a speedy turnaround.

The images that I provide will be sent to you without any watermarks. When you pay for a shoot, I don’t keep hold of the best images and try to upsell them to make more money. You have paid for a service and I aim to please. Watermarks can be added upon request for poof and portfolios etc.

Firstly, don’t worry/panic! It is absolutely fine. We have a all been there. I’m not a robot with a lazer that will make you pose uncomfortably. I will ensure you feel comfortable and take you through some steps to get some really great looking images. 

Yes. I keep my editing fairly minimal so we can retain the natural side of the photograph. I will get rid of spots or bruises if applicable. I can remove or touch up areas upon request. Everyone has their own personal preference and I will cater to that.