My name is Joseph Stanton, aka Stantography. I am a photographer/videographer based in the UK.
I have been experimenting with all kinds of styles and equipment over the past  years to find my niche, I seem to be sticking with street and travel photography.
I love to document people and places, I find it fascinating. Documenting humanity, its ups, its downs and everything in between. Pictures tell us so many stories, and I can help preserve them with a snap. (It's quite cool if you think about it that way!)
Aside from travel and street, I love to photograph landscapes. Both natural and urban.
I have recently started to create videos too, it is a whole new world which is extremely exciting and I want to make more and more content. 
I also photograph weddings, corporate events, bands and I do headshots too. Call me a jack of all trades if you will. I have a passion for photography, why should I just stick to one subject? There's a lot to see and do out there so that is why I have created this website. to add photographs and show you what I am up to and capable of.
If you wish to contact me about anything from buying prints to hiring me, please do! I'll be more than happy to reply and help in any way I can.
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